Monday, June 15, 2015

Stretching Classroom Dollars-6 Ideas

This morning, I was writing a post on a blog I have started about living on less (something most Christian teachers due because we are usually paid less than our public teacher friends-and everyone says they don't make enough) when I realized that the information would be good for teachers too. Here are some hints that will help you save money in your classroom.

1) Lighter fluid: A simple bottle of everyday lighter fluid will help you remove gunky materials from scissors (that was what I wrote about on Living Daily for Less) or removing labels from books (really helpful if you buy them at Goodwill.)

2) Batteries: If you have a digital camera in your classroom (or at home) and it burns through the batteries, don't throw them away. They can be used on electronic devices that use less power (like pencil sharpeners or flashlights.)

3) Sales: Check out end of the school sales at stores like Michael's and Joann's. Even Walmart has some great deals. You can save tons of money on things you would like to have in your classroom.

4) Coupons: Stores, like Michael's, have weekly coupons for 40-50%. Adding one item a week can be a huge benefit for your classroom, plus you are more likely to find clearance materials that are great!

5) Handouts: Make handouts for family, friends and church members asking them to save specific things for your classroom. For example, I am giving my people a list that includes things like:

a) Measuring lids from Dayquil and other such bottles-great for science!
b) Paper towel and gift wrap rolls.
c) Cardboard
d) 2-liter Soda bottles (I don't drink soda, but I really, really use the bottles!)
and much more!

6) Ask: Stores often throw away so much stuff that I can use. For example, I was in my local teacher supply store and they were emptying out tall thin boxes with bulletin board paper. I took five home and they are saving more! From Walmart's photography section, I scored 2 plastic bags full of empty film containers. If you see it, ask. The worst they can say is "no." The best that can happen is that you can walk out the door with something free. My personal favorite score was a display for sticky notes. It had suitcases with the names of different countries on it. since I did world history last year, it was the perfect display to sit on top of one of my high bookcases.

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