Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Small School Libraries

If your school library is like my school library, it comes without the benefit of a librarian...or a library...or anything but the books and you. I have a multitude of bookcases in my classroom and they often end up looking even worse than the one in the picture.  On top of that, the books are not all appropriately marked with the necessary grade level/reading level markings. This year, I aim to end that problem and, thanks to a wonderful app, I can do just that.

Literacy Leveler works with your iPod, iPad, and iPhone. It supports the  Guided Reading leveling , DRA and Lexile systems. While not every book is covered in the database, it is very easy to use. The cost is just $3.99.

First, you scan the ISBN and it gives you the levels.  You can search for the book using the title, author or level and add it to your library. The great news is that Literacy Leveler is also available on the android devices-if fact, it is a dollar cheaper on android-$2.99.

I can't wait to get started so that my library can start the year looking like this-with a great deal of the books marked for easy return:

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